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October 16, 2016

I married Jon Vasquez on Lake Superior August of 2005. He is a wonderful man who served in the Navy from 1998-2006 I served in the US Navy from 1998-2004 as a Nuclear machinist mate aboard the USS Enterprise CVN 65 where I met my husband.

After service I attended The University of St Catherine's for an accounting degree and studio arts minor. I have attended Blind rehabilitation to learn braille, white cane techniques, talking computers and how to work with my hands under blindfold so I can cook, clean and feel confident in the wood shop or doing minor repairs around the house.

I worked for the Blinded Veterans Association as the Region 6 Field Service Officer Supervisor. Helping Visually impaired Veterans and their families apply for benefits and connect to community resources until my office was consolidated.

Currently I am starting an aquaponics business with the help of Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired.
We are both disabled Veterans. I am legally blind which is service connected and started in 2002. It's been a long road of adjustment for myself and my family, but we are learning all the time and have found different ways for me to participate in old and new hobbies/activities. Jon has a brain injury with other physical limitations and hunting is a great togetherness sport for my husband and I. We enjoy spending time in the outdoors and in the kitchen preparing and eating our successful hunts. This elk hunt was the first I've ever done, it was amazing and Tony our guide was great at helping me achieve a clean shot. He held his hand up to block the light so I could see the massive elk! We have already made and shared elk tongue tacos, and elk heart bruschetta. It's my first experience eating elk and it tasted wonderful. We are looking forward to many more meals and due to the large size, sharing it with others. This was a fantastic gift that blessed my family in different ways, from meeting wonderful people, enjoying fall in Northern Minnesota, hunting a massive elk, filling our freezer, and giving us the ability to share a unique food with others. Thank you for this amazing trip and once in a lifetime experience.

We just received this wonderful thank you note.
October 2017

I just wanted to reach out to say thank you for everything you have done and everything you continue to do with the Midwest Outdoors Unlimited. Never once did I think I would be in this position today, on the receiving end. Like most young adults, I was living life at a fast pace until a few years ago when I became extremely ill. I was found to have a genetic mutation which prevents my lungs from filtering out tiny particles in the air that donít normally harm people or make them sick. Unfortunately, since my body lacks that normal cilia function within my lungs, I am very prone to lung infections which can be and have been life threating. I have undergone multiple surgeries over the past couple of years to help preserve the life that I have, and let me add my team of doctors are doing a very good job of that. With my lungs in constant decline, we are unsure of what the future holds for me, we can only hope it includes many years to come. In the meantime, I have had to give up spending time in the outdoors whether it be hunting, hiking, or out in the boat fishing. I consider myself to be an avid outdoors girl, and any chance that I get I spend my time outside. Since my health condition has worsened, it has been very difficult to find means to enjoy the outdoors in the aspect of hunting and fishing as I now have some extra accessories that travel with me like my oxygen equipment. Alone, getting out in a tree stand is not feasible, but that is where the Midwest Outdoors Unlimited came into the picture. The MOU is such a great organization that is able to make extra accommodations for disabled hunters and for people that require a little extra help out in the stand, blind, or boat. Without MOU I honestly donít think I would have made it back out hunting. They had given me something to look forward to when I was in some of my toughest trials, they had given me HOPE which to kept me fighting, they turned going hunting which was only a dream into reality. I remember counting down the days in the hospital to go on a hunt and my medical team said I wasnít quite stable enough to leave even though I was supposed to go on a hunt in a couple of days, I was crushed. I had worked so hard and fought some pretty rough battles in the hospital over two months straight only to have my wishes crushed, and watched as another year would go by without being able to hunt. Thatís when Ron stepped in as asked if I would still be interested in going on a different hunt later in the season. My hopes and spirits were instantly lifted. This gave me that extra push and motivation to continue to fight my heart out to get well enough to go on this hunt and I fought through some of the toughest days of my life to get myself in a position to get back in the woods. You see, these hunts are never just about harvesting an animal, they are about getting back in the stand or blind to enjoy a few hours of a little bit of nature up close again. I will be honest, being mobile is something that even I took for granted when I was more mobile and until you canít do something you donít really know or understand what you are missing. Not only has this organization helped me, they have also helped people close to me. My family being able to see me enjoy something again and spending some time in a stand together taking in the moment of hunting, freeing our minds of the constant medical life we deal with on a daily basis. These amazing hunts that the MOU has taken me on has given me time to escape my daily medical struggles and get me back enjoying nature and hunting. I have also gained some pretty amazing friendships with other hunters as well as the hunting outfitters that we have visited. Those friendships will be cherished for the rest of my life and I am forever grateful of that. The MOU is truly changing lives of many. This organization is very important because they are giving people that have disadvantages the extra accommodations needed to enjoy the outdoors. Ron for example is such a great person and his heart is most definitely in the right place. I donít think he gets to hear it very often or enough about what a great job he does and how much we appreciate all of his passion and dedication towards this organization. Thank you are two very small words for such a big feeling and I cannot say thank you enough. This organization has mended many holes in my heart by getting me back in the outdoors. They have given me so many memories that I will cherish forever. Thank you to Ron and the MOU for giving me the opportunity to spend quality time in the outdoors and fulfilling my dreams of being able to hunt again. I also want to thank everyone who has supported the MOU, without your support none of this would be possible. Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!
We have some sad news. Jerry Klemm, Vice President of Midwest Outdoors Unlimited passed away December 18th. Half of the memorials received are to be designated to Midwest Outdoors Unlimited.

Jerry's Obituary
Jerry was born on March 1, 1946 and passed away on Monday, December 18, 2017. Jerry was a resident of Minnesota at the time of passing. Jerry K. Klemm Memorial services are pending.